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I’ve decided to open up my commissions for sets of icons because I’m a poor starving art student sob. You can get sets of 15 icons, 30 icons or 50 icons. The icons can be of any type, fandom, character or nature. If you’d like a different amount, you are welcome to ask, and I’ll try and come up with an appropriate price.

All pricing is in GBP (£), and I can only take paypal payments. If you would like to know how many pounds are in dollars, here is a handy currency converter.

price list
15 Icons = £5
30 Icons = £10
50 Icons = £15

how to order
→ Comment on this journal with the set of icons you would like to have, also describe the types of icons you’d like. For example, if you would like 30 icons of Anita from 101 Dalmatians, you would say that! If it's a subject or fandom I've already iconned, chances are I have screenshots already, but I will often ask you to provide images, especially if I’ve never iconned that subject matter before. (Another example would be if you wanted, say, Robin icons, you could send me the particular comics you’d like icons from.)

→ Once you have told me the amount of icons, the subject matter, and given me screenshots or high quality images (the better the quality, the better the icon!), I’ll do a couple of tester images, and send them to you.

→ Once you are happy with the tester images, you send the payment to my paypal as a gift (this takes out the paypal charges), and when I receive that I’ll start iconning the rest of your amount, and I will send you the rest of your icons. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

things to keep in mind when ordering
→ If you are providing me images such as flickr photography or fanart, please make sure you have the permission of the original artist before providing me the images.

→ There is really no exception to what I will icon, but I do have a right to decline if I feel the subject matter is too inappropriate.

→ Manga colouring is available on request (examples here), but the pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the character, because of the sheer amount of work involved.

Thanks for looking!
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